Fun working with files using awk and sed


awk '/mtllib/' test.txt
awk '/mtllib/ {print NR, $1, $2}' test.txt
awk 'NR==5 {print}' test.txt
awk 'END {print NR}'
awk '{print $3}' f1.txt | sort -u > out1
awk '{print $2}' f2.txt | sort -u > out2
diff out1 out2


sed -n '3,6 p' test.txt
sed -i 's|Old|New|' test.txt
sed -i 's|2/.|2|g' test.txt
sed -i '/debian/d' file
sed -i '1isome text' test.txt




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Privalov Vladimir

Privalov Vladimir

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