Tricky things in C++ — this pointer

‘this’ is const pointer

class Foo {
int x;
Foo(int x = 0) { this->x = x; }
void change(Foo *foo) { this = foo; }
void print() { cout << x << endl; }
Foo obj (3);
Foo *ptr;

this pointer is available only for non-static methods

static void set(int x) { this->x = x; }

distinguish local variable’s name and member’s name

void set(int x) { this->x = x; }

deleting object with operator delete

void destroy() { delete this; }
Foo obj (3);

Using for chaining calls

Foo &set(int x) { this->x = x; return *this; }




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Privalov Vladimir

Privalov Vladimir

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